Placenta Encapsulation

Your placenta is a beautiful organ.  Ingestion is said to balance your hormones and improve the postpartum period. As a licensed pharmacy technician, I will ensure your placenta is prepared with a high standard of quality.

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Raw Preparation:


Your placenta will be rinsed, sliced, and immediately placed in a dehydrator. To ensure there is no bacteria growth, your placenta will first be dehydrated at 160 degrees and then reduced to 118 degrees.


The raw preparation method is said to have a higher level of nutrients and hormones. 

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Basic Heated Preparation:


Your placenta will be rinsed and steamed until internal temperature reaches 115 degrees (the same temperature as a rare steak). It will then be sliced and placed in a dehydrator.


This preparation is said to dim down the hormonal potency which may be preferred for those who experience anxiety, insomnia, or bipolar tendencies.

Placenta Capsule $250

  • Prepared using the raw or basic heated preparation

  • Pick up of you placenta within 8 hours of giving birth

  • Delivery of capsules within 3 days


Discount on capsules for birth support clients.


Additional Edibles*

  • Tincture $15

  • Chocolate Truffles (about 30) $25

*Prices are based on clients who are purchasing placenta capsules.

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